In our travels, we share similar, familiar stories… telling stories is primarily how we’ve entertained each other for thousands of years…

Sometimes along the way, you may get a chance to experience the energy of people who literally rock your world. These people don’t bounce off as lightly as most – they help and hinder your journey; they clearly have an impact on you… sometimes, and with only a passing spoken phrase, their words change your trajectory, often in ways that are only apparent much later…

Everyone has their stories; if you can sit still and listen long enough, people might tell you a few… Connecting with people along the way is what "It" really all comes down to.

These are a few of my life's stories… written as an exercise and so then as best as I can express them as words on a page, of my own connected moments…

Music from the 80s

Words & Music by
Scott Goodfellow & friends.

Oscar Peterson

Of exchanging Lessons with
Oscar Peterson, in the 1990s

Hagood Hardy

Mentors are just The Best.

Billy Joel

Shout Out to an Original.

Of GoodMedia

Over 30 years of
Serving and Service...

Of Pain

Of surviving a near amputation.

Of Music

The one thing I've found, that I can always depend on.

Of Cars

Yeah, I love cars... it started with the original Batmobile and a 1967 Mercury Cougar, and continues on with a deep reverance for all the refinements that came out of the collective collaboration, of so many creative people over the past few decades.

Toronto ON, Canada

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