Keeping Score

I feel downhearted to think someone is keeping score
Raise the costs, hide the profits,
and justify the need for war
(think about it now)

I feel frustrated when I see greed inside the need
Nobody’s listening
unless you give them what they need
(and they need to go)

do do doo do do do do do de do (repeat)
Oh yeah


I know it’s not easy to see the world beyond your own
To do so is amazing;
to realize you’re all alone
(to watch the people go)

do do doo do do do do do de do (repeat)
Oh yeah


Keyboards & Vocals: Scott Goodfellow
Guitar: Len Rosenfeld
Drums: Michael Sabourin
Bass: Gary Myers
Sax: Dave Babcock

Written, Produced & Performed by Scott Goodfellow / © 1982 Good Media Inc.

Scott Goodfellow, standing in his Grandfather's field

Toronto ON, Canada

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