Joe Cool with his Batmobile, 2019

When I was a kid, music was absolutely everything to me. I had some very encouraging early ‘successes’ and was building toward independently selling my recordings as downloads on my own web site, rather than be under contract to a record company… It is said that men make plans, and god laughs. 😐 That was Plan A, and it almost worked...

Along the way I married, had 2 kids, internet file sharing happened, music became free and Plan A hit the financial wall. In the day, there were few options to host your own web site, so I started a private tech company (GoodMedia), fast forward to today and as a recent “empty nester”, I can record music again at any time of day, and without the need for approval, to sell it, or depend on the government to fund it. 🙂

To this day I can still read and write quite fluently, in English and Music. 🎼

So then, where’s all my latest music ? Yeah, well… I’m working on it. I still have my recordings from the 1980s, but compared to when I started recording with magnetic tape, my current digital recording technology, while being absolutely awesome, is also a rabbit hole of infinite choices that changes with every software update. The sound quality of vintage recording tech and it's hallowed specs that once cost a fortune, are available now to anyone with just an iPad, which has permanently changed everything about the music business.

Music, now basically free, still holds an intangible value for most. For me, it's a permanent side gig. 🙂

2020 Recording Studio

Scott Goodfellow, 2022


Joy ?; …cool cars & airplanes, writing & recording music, quality audio. 🎹

My Golden Rule ?; Words matter, Actions matter More. 👈🏼

My Dream Job ?; …landing military jets on aircraft carriers. 🛬

When I pass, I will ?; …not exist.
So I really try to focus on the present moment; and as such I love all life, especially; chipmunks, 🐿 🙂

Toronto ON Canada

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