Letting It Ring

How do we know, how do we show a love now
When love is a pain, coming down in the rain ?
Nowhere to hide, don’t want to confide in friends now
That alone in a crowd, I still see you

I want to know how to let go of love now
when it’s plain to see, it flows through me
I want to excel. I listen to all you tell me
but I remember this feeling, and I remember well

And one more time, I draw a line with you
and if there’s more to say, I get in my own way
and I’ve been waiting for you for so long… so long

And could it be wrong, or do you belong in this city now
Where it rains, oh the rain falls down
And when I’m alone, with only the phone to touch you
when you’re not home, I just let it ring
Oh just letting it ring now
Letting it ring


Keyboards & Vocals: Scott Goodfellow
Yamaha CP-70B Piano
Roland Jupiter 8 Synthesizer
Yamaha RX-11 Drum Machine

Note; Written / Performed before Answering Machines / Voice Mail became common…

Written, Produced & Performed by Scott Goodfellow / © 1982 Good Media Inc.

Scott Goodfellow, standing in his Grandfather's field


Toronto ON, Canada

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