Standing Still

Hi There !
Are you taking a break right now ?
good, because I have some Bad, and some Good news !
How do you feel about “Going Home” ?
(as though you could)
Back to the “Good Old Days” ?
Are you aware that there’s nothing left to take you there ?
I know, I know, but, well, you see; it’s all changed for you !
It’s all…. different now…
You Can’t Go Back !
Does this sound just a little familiar ?
Another “Bad News Headline” ?
Well, it’s not over yet !
Look around you; the changes are EVERYWHERE…
OK, now for the Good News…
The changes ahead will be unbelievably exciting !
ELECTRIFYING – if you keep this in mind…
It’s only frightening…
If you’re Standing Still

( Keep Your Mind Open ! )


Keyboards & Vocals: Scott Goodfellow
Korg WaveStation Synthesizer

Written, Produced & Performed by Scott Goodfellow / © 1982 Good Media Inc.

Scott Goodfellow, standing in his Grandfather's field

Toronto ON, Canada

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