She’s Letting Go

Of something there’s no true control
now takes its toll on her
Do you really think you know, the way she feels ?
The added weight, her sickened state…
and a court that has to know

She’s Letting Go

More than a loss of innocence, too pure to comprehend
Does she really need to know, oh the way you feel ?
The anger and maternal love
for a formless embryo

She’s Letting Go

At times I don’t believe what I’m doing
With ever step I take, I take two back
But deep inside myself, I know
Oh I still love you, but I’ve got to let it go…

Something that had no control
has ceased to grow inside of her
Will you ever really know, oh how free she feels ?
and the more you try to understand,
the less she really knows…

She’s letting go
She will let it go
She’s letting go
She will let it go


Keyboards & Vocals: Scott Goodfellow
Guitar: Len Rosenfeld
Drums: Michael Sabourin
Bass: Gary Myers

Written, Produced & Performed by Scott Goodfellow / © 1982 Good Media Inc.

Scott Goodfellow, standing in his Grandfather's field

Toronto ON, Canada

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